Indiana Unemployment Snapshot

  • The Indiana statewide unemployment rate inched up slightly in July to 5.2 percent. The statewide rate in July 2001 for Indiana was 4.1 percent.

  • From June to July, employment  increased by 1.0 percent, while the number of unemployed increased 4.6 percent.

  • Decatur and Hamilton counties had the lowest employment rate in the state at 2.9. That was no change from last month for Hamilton County and a 0.1 percent increase for Decatur.

  • Six counties had unemployment rates of less than 3.5 percent. In addition to Hamilton and Decatur, they included Boone, Carroll, Gibson and Harrison. Twenty-two counties had unemployment rates of less than 4 percent.

  • Blackford County had the highest rate at 10.2, followed by Steuben at 9 percent. Both counties experienced a substantial increase over their June employment rate. Other counties with rates above 8 percent were: Orange, Lawrence, Fayette, Fountain and Starke.

  • The Bloomington and Lafayette MSAs had the lowest unemployment rate for both June and July of this year. As has been the pattern, the Gary MSA had the highest rate at 6.4 percent. Indianapolis inched up from 4.6 in June to 4.7 in July.

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Figure 1: July 2002 Unemployment Rates