Indiana's Unemployment Remains Low in Many Counties

Indiana's unemployment rate came in at 4.6 in September, with 56 out of 92 counties with rates lower than the national rate of 5.4 percent. Indiana's rate was much lower than the state of Washington's, with the highest rate in the nation at 6.7 percent. South Dakota had the lowest September rate at 2.1 percent. These figures are not seasonally adjusted.

Indiana's combined unemployment rate of 4.5 percent for its eleven metro areas (aka Metropolitan Statistical Areas) was only slightly lower than the state rate. Among metro areas, Bloomington experienced the lowest rate at 2.9, having experienced its highest rate of September employment in 1992 at 3.9.

County Highs and Lows Span the State The counties of Orange and Lawrence in the south, Fayette and Blackford to the east, and Pulaski in the north experienced the highest rates of unemployment in the state for September. Counties with the lowest rates were Harrison, Dubois and Monroe counties in the south, Hamilton County in the central region, and Decatur to the east.

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