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News Behind the Numbers...

A recent story in the Indianapolis Star focused on the larger share of out-of-state students coming to IU and Purdue these days. Two out of every five students, the paper reported, are from other states or other countries. "Their numbers, increasing since the mid-1990s, now hover around 40 percent of 76,000 students on both campuses—the highest rate in many years." Full text of the news article can be found at—just type IU or Purdue in the search box.

Numbers Behind the News...

Indiana is a major net-importer of college students, ranking fourth in the nation and first in the Midwest, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis' fedgazette (online). In 2000, Indiana netted 5,997 incoming freshmen to its universities and colleges. In other words, almost 6,000 more students came into Indiana for college than left for other states' institutions of higher learning.

Figure 1