Indiana Employment Snapshot

  • Indiana's unemployment rate declined to 4.8 percent in May. That was the third monthly decline in a row, after the rate peaked at 5.7 percent in February.
  • The estimated number of unemployed Hoosiers has dropped 14 percent since February, to 151,342 in May.
  • Unemployment rates across the state continued to be higher in rural counties.
  • Of the 12 counties with the best unemployment rates in May, all but 3 were in metropolitan areas.
  • Of the 12 counties with the worst unemployment rates in May, all but 1 were outside metropolitan areas.
  • For the fourth month in a row, Orange County posted the highest county unemployment rate in the state, at 9.8 percent. That's down, however, from 11.3 percent in February.
  • Hamilton County in May retained its ranking as the county with the lowest unemployment rate in the state with a rate of 2.7 percent.
  • Hamilton's rate has inched up this year, though. It's one of only four counties in the state with a higher unemployment rate in May than in February. The other three with increases were Dubois, Pike and Marion.
  • The biggest improvements in unemployment rate in May came in Fulton, Fayette and Crawford counties.

Figure 1: May 2002 Unemployment Rates