Local Employment Dynamics

Sidebar to: Job Dynamics: Creation, Loss and Wages

The Census Bureau has created a new methodology for ferreting out job creation, turnover rates, new hire wages and other information from administrative records maintained by various federal and state agencies. The new data set is called longitudinal employer-household dynamics. The general name for the program that publishes these data is the Local Employment Dynamics program, and it is available on the Web at https://onthemap.ces.census.gov/.

The program began in 2001 with an invitation to all states to participate in this groundbreaking venture. Indiana accepted this invitation in 2004 and the first Indiana data became available in February 2005. Based on newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau, in partnership with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Indiana’s job dynamics can now be seen not only in terms of the net (which has simply been measured by the change in the total number of jobs from one period of time to another) but in terms of actual new positions, new hires, separations and the resulting turnover rate.